Communities First NW Cluster (Penderry and part of Gendros) - Healthier Lifestyles

Project Aim

Community First is the community focussed tackling poverty programme funded by Welsh Government. It's aim is to narrow the economic, education/skills and health gaps between our most deprived and more affluent areas.


It has three strategic objectives helping to achieve these outcomes:


Prosperous Communities, Learning Communities and Healthier Communities.

Specifically for the NW Cluster under the Healthier Communities we aim to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle by focusing on three elements:

Food and nutrition, physical activity and disseminating health related information.

What does the project entail

School have to be in or are the catchment school for the NW Communities First area Healthy Eating – ‘Eatwell Plate’.

I can deliver healthy eating advise around the Eatwell Plate messages to families on parents evenings/bring a parent to school day/community cohesion days. I can work alongside the school on Family Cooking /nutrition/ physical activity projects.

Please note – our targets are to engage adults so I don’t usually work with just children unless its part of a larger project.

What is required from the school?

Healthy Eating/nutrition/physical activity – engagement opportunities and support from staff if then sessions are delivered.

How do the pupils directly benefit?

They will learn why it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet, what category food falls into and their nutritional benefits.

By working with families we would hope that key messages are taken home.


The cooking projects cover:
- literacy (reading recipes)

- numeracy (weighting ingredients, simple maths to make recipe bigger or smaller)

- ICT (encourage to sign up to Change4Life to look for recipes etc)

Contact information

Suzanne Aspland – Healthier Communities Project Officer – NW Cluster
01792 578632

45 Broughton Ave

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