Family Service - Drugaid CYMRU

Project Aim

The project aims to attempt to deter children and young people from harmful drug use by stressing the potential negative consequences of drug use via the harm reduction approach.



- Accurate/balanced and up to date information


- The sessions are designed to be appropriate to the age, development, background and/or culture, community and living circumstances of the particular groups.




For many parents, young people's substance misuse is very worrying. Lots of young people try drugs or alcohol at some point; the vast majority of them don't go on to develop serious drug/alcohol problems. What's important is how you can protect, support and talk to your child. Building resilience within the family is a very important component to our work, and challenging morals and value.

What does the project entail

Can help with more generic questions such as:


- what drugs look like?


- what are the signs and symptoms of drug/alcohol use?


- what are the effects, risk and consequences of drug/alcohol use?


- where can you get help locally?


- activity based exercise




Can also help with the following:


- Identify the short and long term effects of drug and alcohol use from conception to adulthood (age appropriate)


- Examine the reasons for drug use and the dependency cycle (potential parents session)


- Explore the possible ways in which problematic drug and alcohol use by parents can effect parentinga bility (parents)


- Examine the resilience of children of drug and alcohol users (parents)


- Understand and explore the possible impacts of drug and alcohol use of child welfare and development (parents)


- Discuss how to assess 'good enough' parenting (parents)


- Group work-from carer support to managing Stress or Anger (parents)


- 1:1 support (parents)


- Accessing parenting groups

What is required from the school?

- laptop (not always needed)


- projector (not always needed)


- involvement in organising family/parent sessions if this is desired

How do the pupils directly benefit?

There is support available that is well structured, consistent and addresses the needs of families which can produce significant benefits to their personal health well-being and their relationships.




There are a number of further benefits for families from obtaining appropriate support to meet their needs:


- Helps families to recognise and understand their own needs and seek help.


- Improves the families understanding of drugs, dependency and treatments


- Improves communication within the family


- Reduces isolation


- Increases support for the drug/alcohol user

Contact information

Drugaid Cymru Family Service - 01792 472002


The Place - Young person's service - 01792 472002


Are there any ready-to-use resources available?

Resources are available but are yet to be uploaded, the website is currently a work in progress. Further information can be found at the following websites though:



Drugaid cymru


01792 472002 




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