About Wild Wales

Project Aim

Dedicated to conserving & raising awareness of Wales’ best asset; the natural environment through wildlife tours, education, training & action

What does the project entail

- development of nature areas


- learning outdoors with focus on Numeracy, Literacy and skills building


- School field trips and site visits


- INSET and Adds sessions


- surveys, monitoring e.g. RSPB Bird School Bird Watch


- wildlife gardening advice and lessons


- land management advice/ school grounds advice


- species and habitat works


- invasive species control and education sessions (e.g. Japanese knotweed)


- A member of SEEF (Swansea Environmental Education Forum) 

What is required from the school?

It depends on the specific activity involved but prep work and follow up work always encouraged 

How do the pupils directly benefit?


- Life long passion, understanding and empathy with the natural environment


- Life skills


- Learning in a safe stimulating environment and inspiring subject matter


- Real life learning about real things


- Involvement in health and well being of those involved


- Protection and conservation and learning about responsibility of looking after species and habitats

Contact information

Jo Mullett


Are there any ready-to-use resources available?



Also owner of  www.knotweedcontrolwales.co.uk

Member of SEEF www.seeforum.org.uk


For any queries, regarding the Edunet site, contact Emily Marchant on E.K.Marchant@swansea.ac.uk


About Wild Wales



07790 505 232

Email: aboutwildwales@gmail.com


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