Healthy Cities Swansea

Project Aim

Swansea has received designation from the World Health Organisation to enter Phase VI (2014-2018) of the Healthy City Initiative. The overarching goals involved improving health for all, reducing health inequalities and improving leadership and participatory governance for health


The core themes of the Healthy City Initiative are:


- Life Course and Empowering People


- Tackling major public health challenges


- Strengthening people centred health systems and public health capacity


- Creating resilient communities and supportive environments


The Creating an Active and Healthy Swansea Group focuses on promoting community approaches to physical health and nutrition with particular emphasis on young people and healthy eating in and around schools.

What does the project entail

The Healthy City Initiative involves key partners at strategic level to determine strategy and policy to develop initiatives linked to the core themes that will benefit the community to live longer and healthier lives.


Health and wellbeing considerations must be taken into account when determining policy and procedures that impact on citizens of Swansea.


The Healthy City Directory has been developed as a resource to signpost professionals to local and community health and wellbeing resources.


What is required from the school?

Partnership work and Information sharing regarding initiatives undertaken  with schools linked to the Healthy City core themes to determine best practice and to identify collective concerns regarding the health and wellbeing agenda.

How do the pupils directly benefit?

Strategy and policy development at the Healthy City Board will ensure that consistent approaches are adopted across Swansea in relation to Health and Wellbeing across the city, throughout the life course and within Swansea schools.

Contact information

Tony Kluge 01792 601825


Debra Bennett 01792 601876

Are there any ready-to-use resources available?

The Healthy City Directory:



Healthy Cities Swansea


01792 601876

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