Natural Resources Wales - Free Outdoor Educational Visits

Project Aim

Nature Resources Wales (NRW) want Wales to be a place where our air, land and water are managed sustainably, using Good knowledge to achieve a Good Environment that will be Good for people and Good for business.


We will help to achieve this by ensuring that NRW is a Good organisation.

What does the project entail

Free outdoor educational visits based on many topics which include:


- Habitats & Adaptation


- Food chains


- Climate change


- Seasonal changes


- Literacy and Numeracy in the outdoors


- Art


- Biodiversity

What is required from the school?

Booking by telephone/email and agreeing a suitable date.


Completed booking form


School will be required to pay for the transport to the site

How do the pupils directly benefit?

All our visits are linked directly to the school curriculum and a discussion is held with the teacher prior to the visit to establish the school theme, required learning outcomes etc, so that the visit can be catered directly to the class.


Contact information

Llinos Richards


0300 065 4769

07795 566489

Are there any ready-to-use resources available?


For any queries regarding the site, please contact Emily Marchant on
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