Swansea Environmental Education Forum (SEEF)

Project Aim

 The SEEF network provides a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience.  It can offer a range of  services and resources to schools and youth groups.


What does the project entail

Swansea Sustainable Schools Scheme (SSSS) is intended to help schools make step by step    

progress in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) through the curriculum and the way the school is managed.  It is designed to complement and support other existing national schemes such as Eco Schools, Healthy Schools and Fairtrade Schools and will help schools in Swansea strive for high standards in a crucial aspect of contemporary education in Wales.  This scheme was set up with minimal paperwork involved in applying for an award. Up toJune 2015 there were 40 awards to 33 schools.  



To find out more about the Scheme, how to apply for an annual award and celebration day go to http://www.seeforum.org.uk/index.php/schools/education-for-sustainable-development-and-global- citizenship-esdgc.html



SEEF also offers a Directory of people and organisations that can support schools delivering ESDGC. These include workshops, talks and assemblies on various aspects of ESDGC as well as fieldtrips and outdoor education organisations.  For all contact details go to  




Green Treasure Boxes These are resources which help teach aspects of ESDGC at KS2.  These boxes include Energy and Water, Waste and Recycling, Food and Farming, Global Citizenship, Climate  Change and Biodiversity.  There are books, CD’s and artefacts included in the boxes and a weather  station in the Climate Change box. There is also a 2 box set each for FP and secondary.  To order the  boxes on a half term basis contact the ELRC on 01639 88990 (membership of ELRC not needed).


What is required from the school?


How do the pupils directly benefit?

Swansea Sustainable Schools Scheme (SSSS) fits in with ESTYN framework quality indicators 2.1.4 education for sustainable development and global citizenship.  Green Treasure boxes and Directory of ESDGC providers all support ESDGC.

Contact information

Anita Houten


T. 01792 480200


Swansea Environment Centre


01792 480200



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