Ospreys in the Community

Project Aim

Ospreys in the Community is a charitable foundation that works in close partnership with Ospreys Rugby. It shares a strong and ongoing relationship with Ospreys Professional Rugby, however Ospreys in the Community operates on an independent basis.


Using the power of sport and the Ospreys brand, we aim to improve the lives of Ospreylians. Our mission is to Provide, Inspire, Empower and Motivate.


We aim to achieve this mission by tackling 4 key strategic pillars; Eduaction, Health, Sport and Inclusion. 


One of the Foundations 4 strategic pillars is Education and we are proud to announce the launch of a new 3 year programme for Key Stage 2 pupils. The programme is in partnership with Aspire 2Be. We understand that schools are currently operating with stretched resources, which is why we have designed the new program to fit into the new curriculum areas and have ensured Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competences are at the heart of the programme as well as bespoke and high quality training for staff in these areas. This programme is not something extra that has to be delivered by teachers or schools but can fit into your current topics and termly plans. 

What does the project entail

The programme's key objective is to help the Ospreys deliver an effective and inclusive education programme. It is non gender specific, fully inclusive and extremely innovative. They key areas of the programe are focused around:


Unit 1 - Literacy/Numeracy focus - Player Visit

Unit 2 - Health & Wellbeing

Unit 3 - Coding and Programming (SONY)

Unit 4 - Science and Technology

Unit 5 - Stadium Tour with iBeacon tech

Here is a video - highlighing our interactive stadium tour:


Unit 6 - Inclusive Festival at the Ospreys Training Facilities. 

Sony UK Technology Centre provide pupils with the opportunity to learn about local engineering prospects as well as learning coding and programming. The Sony unit covers a visit to the factory in Pencoed, Bridgend to see the latest technology as it's built, including the Raspberry Pi. Following the factory tour the children are engaged in a coding and programmign workshop that can be continued back at school 



What resources can you offer schools?


All teachers who attend training are given detailed instruction on over 20 apps that whilst delivered in context with the Ospreys, are all able to be used across the whole curriculum, to any age group and any level of ability. Despite many of the apps demomstrated being available to a multitude of platforms, during training sessions, teachers are provided with a training iPad on which they can experience hands on practice of these new skills, in order for these new skills to really embed. In addition to these new skills, each teacher leaves with access to an iTunesU course, which is a digital coursebook that captures all aspects of the training received, including examples and models of the work. 

What is required from the school?

This education training programme is delivered in partnersgip with Aspire 2Be www.aspire2b.eu and is completely FREE for all schools within the Ospreys region. It uses the Ospreys brand, statistics, resources and facilities as the core consent so from a school perspective the only cost will be to send a nominated teacher to the 5 mornings (approx. £350, supply cover if schools need to provide extra cover). This could possibly be funded from your PDG allocation if you decide to focus the impact of the training around a group of groups of FSM pupils as part of an intervention programme or specific project within school.


There are also visits to the Liberty Stadium and SONY in Bridgend  which if you decide to go will need to be paid for by the school with regards to transport. However, the good news here is that we are currently in negotiations with bus companies to agree to a much reduced rate as a partner of the programme and we will also help you arrange your visits with other schools in your cluster to lower costs. It is important to note that both visits are excellent parts of the programme which add huge value but are not compulsory in order to enroll.


All schools need to do to join the programme is contact Nick Lockley and he can fit you into the upcoming termly programme, ensuring that a teacher will be allowed to attend all 5 training sessions.  

How do the pupils directly benefit?

The key benefit of the programme is that via the upskilling of the teachers in their digital teaching skills, these skills are then quickly passed onto the children. Because all of the apps demonstrated are cross curriculur and available on many platforms, it means that the Digital Competency of the children is improved quickly and effectively. In addition to this, because of the core skills that underpin the training programme, namely Literacy & Numeracy; Health & Wellbeing; Science & Technology; Coding & Programming - the allround core educational skills of the children can also be improved by teachers taking their new skills back into the classroom. 

Contact information

Nick Lockley - Programme Coordinator


01792 616505






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