Cruse Bereavement Care, Morgannwg - Hope Again

Project Aim

- To support staff and children through bereavement. 


- To encourage staff to have a supportive environment for a child to return back to the school setting following a bereavement.


- For the child to have a place of safety and quiet when necessary.


- To give confidence through knowledge to help and support bereaved children. 

What does the project entail


Training and equipping the school and getting it 'bereavement ready'. We have specialist schools packs and training for staff but as we are a voluntary organisation these have to be funded by the school.


What is required from the school?

An interest in bereavement and the knowledge that if not handled in the right way, an unresolved bereavement can be harmful to children.

How do the pupils directly benefit?


The school will benefit as they will have the right knowledge to deal with this life event that will happen to us all.


The child will benefit as they will return to school knowing they will be supported in the right way and will be 'learning ready'.


The peer group will benefit as in some cases, if a bereavement is not addressed correctly the child disengages from school but can also start to bully their peers and become destructive to themselves and others. As an adult, how difficult is it for us to verbalise our feelings following a death. Imagine what that must be like for a child. 


One-to-one counselling can be arranged by Cruse for the child and family, however there is a 6 month waiting list for this unless bereaved by trauma i.e. murder, manslaughter, suicide, R.T.C.

Contact information

01792 462845

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Cruse Bereavement, Morgannwg


Tel: 01792 462845 



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