Mindfulness in Schools (Research Opportunity - FREE)

Project Aim

- To deliver a series of 12 mindfulness lessons, specifically designed for primary schools. The sessions are enjoyable and engaging, and incorporate age-appropriate neuroscientific knowledge, short meditation practices, and opportunities to discuss and explore experiences.

- To research, with the appropriate consents, the effects of mindfulness training on participating children.

What does the project entail

- Delivery of the 12-session ‘Paws b’ mindfulness curriculum, developed for Key Stage 2 learners by the Mindfulness in Schools Project. The lessons are highly experiential and use few materials, but all required resources will be provided by the attending teacher.

- Due to funding constraints, this is, at present, an opportunity for schools in deprived Swansea catchment areas. However, other schools are encouraged to contact us to discuss options for delivering mindfulness training to their students. 

What is required from the school?

- Use of a teaching time and space; usual classrooms are fine and furniture will not need to be rearranged.

- Use of an interactive whiteboard/PC and projector, with sound and video capabilities.

- The presence of a member of school staff who knows the children in the class.

How do the pupils directly benefit?

Through the Paws b mindfulness curriculum, children will have the opportunity to learn:

- Ways of responding and looking after their own wellbeing rather than reacting to difficulties. 

- How their brain works and how to steady themselves when stressed or upset or worried. 

- How their body and emotions are affected by their thoughts.

- Ways of dealing with their thoughts so that they don’t lead to excessive negative emotions (such as sadness, anger, or stress) and problems in their body (such as headache, tension, or stomach problems).

- Ways that mindfulness can support them in all the activities and relationships of their lives, including their focus and perseverance levels in schoolwork.

This training offers children a tool that they can take forward and continue to practise, or return to when needed, throughout life. 


Links to Curriculum

Mindfulness lessons can link to KS2 learning outcomes in the PSE Framework for Wales, including:

- Developing Thinking: practising the skill of personal reflection through a range of mindfulness practices, including awareness of thoughts and feelings, which can aid with decision making.

- Developing Communication: listening and responding to classmates; contributing to class discussions by sharing their own ideas and experiences in relation to Paws b lessons.

- Working with Others: managing a range of emotions with the help of mindful pauses, breathing and/or awareness exercises; cultivating kindness for themselves and others, which can help with the development of empathy. 

- Improving Own Learning: gaining knowledge about how their brain functions, including the role of practice and perseverance in skills acquisition. 


In addition, if school staff learn and establish their own meditation practice, mindfulness learning and practice can be integrated into a range of National Curriculum subjects and into the everyday life of the school.

Contact information

The Mindfulness in Schools Project website provides further information:

- on mindfulness: http://mindfulnessinschools.org/mindfulness/

- on the Paws b curriculum: http://mindfulnessinschools.org/what-is-b/paws-b-curriculum/

Are there any ready-to-use resources available?

Sinead Brophy (Paws b teacher and research assistant): 



01792 602058


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