Tracking Wellbeing - City and County of Swansea

Project Aim

- To identify vulnerable pupils


- To track the impact of intervention activities

What does the project entail

The Myselfie App allows children to record their own perceptions of their well-being. This combined with additional tracking software can allow schools to produce a more manageable composite score for individual pupil’s well-being.

What is required from the school?

Schools would require I.T. systems such as computers/Ipads with access to the Myselfie App. Other than that schools would require access to standard Microsoft Office Programs/SIMS.

How do the pupils directly benefit?

The school will benefit by having a more complete picture of individual pupils’ well-being. This will allow Headteachers to identify those pupils who would benefit from additional support to help with raising attainment and attendance as well as health and well-being. Regular use can also help track pupil’s well-being with age and help evaluate the impacts of interventions implemented.

Contact information

Donna Caswell Email:

Are there any ready-to-use resources available?

The My Selfie app is still under construction but see below for some pre-development screenshots.

Resource links

My Selfie Questions
JPG image [102.0 KB]
Selfie Finished
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