BikeAbility Wales

Project Aim

BikeAbility Wales is a charity that aims to access the physical health and psychological benefits of cycling for everybody, whatever their ability, race, gender, or age.

Our Mission Statement is “Everyone Rides” as we can get anyone on a cycle. We run cycle sessions six days a week for groups and individuals with a wide range of support
needs. With two members of staff and a team of dedicated volunteers we can provide specialist cycles and conventional bicycles for any client to use.

As a team we are trained to asses our client’s needs, find the appropriate cycles, adapt the cycle to the individuals needs and provide them with support and assistance as required.



What does the project entail

BikeAbility Wales provides a range of cycle opportunities for children of all abilities, these include:

- Coaching for complete beginners.


- Cycle skills development sessions, six days a week throughout the year, on secure, traffic-free cycle tracks.

- Cycle training includes:


- National Standards Cycle training Levels 1,2,3 ( Road safety …Safe routes …travel to school, healthy school scheme. )


- Enrichment Days includes: -Basic cycle maintenance training -Having fun whilst learning about our specialist cycles, tailored to the schools needs. Includes a led ride with pupils and staff.


- Volunteering opportunities for young people includes; - Duke of Edinbourough.


- Outreach events and activities, includes: - Cycle session with a range of cycles at a venue of your choice. - Bike doctor.


- Performance and skills measured outcomes through: -Individual Occupational Therapy achievement forms. -Cycle Workbooks for people with disabilities up to National Cycle Standards Level 1


- Cycle Hire - for use off site or on the national cycle path.


What is required from the school?

Requirements for set up:

- Booking


- Fill in new user form


- Information on ages, special requirements and ability of children.


- what the children/staff want from the session. 


How do the pupils directly benefit?


- Skills development… (Occupational Therapy Out come measurement forms.)


- National cycle standards qualifications Level 1 ,2, 3 (Road safety)


- Health and wellbeing through individual and Family activity.


- Volunteering opportunities help further young peoples chance of employment.


- Links with healthy school scheme and safe travel to and from school/eco schools.

Contact information

Contact: Mike Cherry (manager) 07968109145


Cez Matthews ( assistant manager) 07584044284



Are there any ready-to-use resources available?

For more information see our website:


For any queries, regarding the Edunet site, contact Emily Marchant on




07968 109145




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