Physical Literacy Programme for Schools (PLPS)

Project Aim

The key aims of the PLPS are to improve the health and

wellbeing of children in Wales, contribute to whole

school improvement (through supporting national

education priorities) and to encourage schools to use

more physical contexts for holistic learning. The PLPS

has been linked with the Welsh Schools Challenge 

Cymru programme.

PLPS ERW team has been working with the 4 SCC

Schools, some of their feeder Primaries, and an

additional 4 schools to create bespoke interventions

that address key priorities (e.g. behavior, attendance,

literacy, numeracy and deprivation).

The Physical Literacy Framework (PLF) is a tool for

schools, staff, parents and coaches to support the

development of physical literacy. It identifies the skills

that should be developed during a young person’s school

life and illustrates the importance of developing

confidence, motivation and knowledge within the physical

domain. In conjunction with the PLPS, the PLF provides

practitioners with clear expectations that help promote,

inform and track the progress of every child along their

physical literacy journey.




Physical Literacy Programme




What does the project entail

The projects/ interventions are bespoke to the individual needs of the pupils and the school. We have attached some newsletters and power points, which highlight some of the interventions/projects that are occurring in the schools. It is important to emphasise that all partners including the school staff, pupils, parents and other organisations feel they have a voice in these projects and therefore there is a sense of ownership by all involved.

What is required from the school?

We initially require a meeting with the school Senior Leadership Team.

How do the pupils directly benefit?

Collectively the children, school, community and parents will benefit from the project. Not to mention good fundamental movement skills are essential for maintaining a healthy active lifestyle and appropriate developmental learning. 

Contact information

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