EyePAT Community Interest Company - Internet Safety Training and Anti-bullying workshops

Project Aim

EyePAT provides informative, interactive and interesting internet safety and anti-bullying workshops with free online resources for schools.


What does the project entail

EyePAT’s website hosts a Library for schools containing many free resources including:


- Films on all aspects of online safety and bullying from a various sources including the EyePAT Happy Kids Don’t Bully films


- Games


- Research and Articles


- Dictionary of Internet Jargon


- Dictionaries for Sexting Terminology and Teen Speak


- Sample Policy Documents


- Pupil and Parent Surveys so schools can identify the pupils online activities and the parents knowledge of them

EyePAT also provides an Online Safety Guide which can be purchased on CD for £4.50 or as a Series of 4 printed books for £13. It contains 200 + pages of comprehensive and detailed information for both schools and parents.

What is required from the school?

For workshops, schools are asked to provide the venue, projector, screen and speakers. All other equipment and workshop materials will be provided by EyePAT.

How do the pupils directly benefit?

Creating a partnership with Parents, Pupils and Teachers to keep children safe online, specifically with the Family sessions.


Keeping Teachers up to date with the every changing technology used by young people.


Preventing bullying in the school by getting to the root cause of the problem.


Empowering the 80% of children, who don’t report being bullied, to come forward with confidence.


Up skilling Teachers by training them to run the online safety and anti bullying workshops in house, and providing the resources they need.

Contact information

Penny Limer – 01446 795055


www.eyepat.org fb.com/EyePATCIC


Are there any ready-to-use resources available?



For any queries, regarding the Edunet site, contact Emily Marchant on E.K.Marchant@swansea.ac.uk




01446 795055


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