Schools service - Drugaid Cymru

Project Aim
The project aims to attempt to deter children and young people by stressing the potential negative consequences of drug use via the harm reduction approach.



Accurate/balanced and up to date information
The sessions are designed to be appropriate to the age, development, background and/or culture, community and living circumstances of the particular groups.


Our education/awareness sessions are age appropriate and in line with Key Stages. Sessions can complement the All Wales Strategy already involved with primary schools.

What does the project entail

Can help with more generic questions such as:

- what drugs look like?

- what are the signs and symptoms of drug/alcohol use?

- what are the effects, risk and consequences of drug/alcohol use?

- where can you get help locally?

- activity based exercise


Ability for bespoke sessions to be designed for specific incidents or more encompassing sessions.


What is required from the school?

(not always needed)
- laptop
- projector
- involvement in organising family/parent sessions if this is desired (see family section)

How do the pupils directly benefit?

There is support available that is well structured, consistent and addresses the needs of families which can produce significant benefits to their personal health well-being and their relationships. Also strong links with curriculum with regards to PSHE.

Contact information

Drugaid Cymru Family Service - 01792 472002
The Place - Young person's service - 01792 472002

Are there any ready-to-use resources available?

Resources are available but are yet to be uploaded, the website is currently a work in progress. Further information can be found at the following websites though:

For any queries, regarding the site, contact Emily Marchant on


Drugaid cymru


01792 472002