South Wales Police - All Wales School Liaison Core Programme

Project Aim

The Aims of the programme are to:


- Work towards achieving a reduction in the crime and disorder of the young in our communities, through the medium of education


- Promote the principals of positive citizenship in schools and their wider communities.

What does the project entail

- School Community Police Officer (SCPO) to deliver Crime Prevention education in the classroom.


- Supportive policing services to support offenders and victims


- SCPOs to facilitate restorative approaches to deal with harm, dispose of offences.


- SCPOs to offer advice and guidance around issues of the law to school management
- Schoolbeat website which is designed for teachers, pupils and parents. It offers teachers a wealth of PSE resources around many topic areas. Pupil section offers interactive pages for pupils to learn about many PSE topic areas. There is a parent section with useful advice and information.


- SCPO to deliver assembly presentations in response to specific school emerging needs.

What is required from the school?

Access to classroom time with children and young people.

How do the pupils directly benefit?

- Opportunity for pupils from Foundation Phase to Year 11 to learn about key crime prevention topics through lessons that dovetail with the PSE Framework curriculum requirements. Lessons also link to Numeracy and Literacy framework requirements. Supporting teachers in the challenge of delivering a current, up to date and relevant PSE Curriculum.


- Pupils may benefit from 1 to 1 support from School Community Police Officer as required.


- Schools may benefit from Police expertise and advice/guidance.


- Schools may benefit from specialist skills of trained RA facilitator (Schools Officer)


- SCPOs help support disengaged pupils and school aims of re-engaging learners.


- Pupils supported in how to keep safe and avoid getting into trouble with the law.


- Pastoral staff/ SMT supported in implementation of school behavioural strategies.


- Decriminalisation of young people.

Contact information

Schools may contact Catherine Lewis (Regional AWSLCP Coordinator)
Mobile number 07725842442

Are there any ready-to-use resources available?

Please see teacher section of

For any queries, regarding the Edunet site, contact Emily Marchant on


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